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565 million. This is 1.5 million barrels per day, which is just 7 percent of the oil Americans consume every day.

Rome. Gardening is an old, hallowed tradition that predates modern times to a significant degree. This isn’t news. However, one of the more surprising traditional gardening facts is the origin of greenhouses. The very first recorded greenhouse in history came about in 30 CE in Rome. Emperor Tiberius insisted on having one cucumber a day to preserve his health, and so Roman scientists didn’t have much choice except to figure things out.

20%. People in the city have begun farming food (and quite well, mind you). The urban gardening statistics gathered by the United Nations show that over 800 million people grow their food and raise animals in cities. In other words, one-fifth of the world’s food is produced in this manner.

A study from 2012 shows that of the 164 million American homeowners, 49% put work into their gardens. Furthermore, the DIY gardening stats show that these people are more likely to be baby boomers, they have a 33% chance of having a college degree, 47% of them have full-time employment, and 22% of them are retired. 

They’re also 26% more likely to buy food that’s locally grown and 25% more likely to support environmental efforts, such as recycling and composting.

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